Month: June 2017

Happy World Productivity Day!

So how do you go from just being busy to being productive? If you know, tell us! How can you make the next financial year more productive? Who do you engage? What can you outsource? What can be streamlined? Outsourcing your bookkeeping to registered BAS agents can make you more

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Keep Calm & Upgrade to Xero on International Panic Day

There are just 13 days remaining in the 2016/17 financial year! And it’s International Panic Day! Keep Calm and upgrade to Xero. Cloud accounting is the best way to keep your accounts up to date with auto daily bank feeds. Integrate apps to minimise data entry (and typos!). Collaborate with

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‘Russian’ to the End Of Financial Year!

Happy Russian Language Day! Many of our clients understanding bookkeeping and accounting just as well as they understand Russian. Luckily we speak everyday english (and sometimes builders english!) We explain things so our clients understand. Who do you know that is lost in translation? We’d love to chat!

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How are you celebrating Leave the Office Early Day?

Today is Leave the Office Early Day. Can you leave early or do you need to delegate some tasks? Is there something you can do smarter? Perhaps you need expert help to get your business finances in order. BAS agents (licensed bookkeepers) can help keep you compliant and streamline (see

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