Month: April 2018

World Day for Laboratory Animals

Do you feel like a lab rat in a wheel? Round and round and round, chasing your tail? A great bookkeeper can help you off the treadmill of overwhelm & long hours, lead you through the maze of valid tax invoice compliance to the cheese, while avoiding the traps of FBT surprises

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Blah Blah Blah Day

When your expert speaks to you, do you hear ‘Blah Blah Blah’? We hate technical terms too! (But we love bad jokes and puns!) Our clients aren’t accounting experts, so we chat in everyday terms to keep it simple and make sure we are understood. Some of our clients are

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Library Workers Day

That’s us! We work with ‘the books’ so we must be library workers 😉 If your local public library still exists, you’ll notice that things are changing, just like they are for bookkeepers and their clients. Single Touch Payroll is coming soon and it requires you to upload records to

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Super! (again)

Contributions for your employees for the January to March quarter are due (at the fund) by 28th April. If you are using the ATO clearing house – make sure you use the new payment options! If you are using Xero’s clearing house – make sure you pay 7 days prior

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World Party Day

What’s a party without a bookkeeper? Dunno, we’ve never been to a party without one! It’s the end of another quarter, time to prepare your BAS! (Or what we like to call party time!!) 🎉🎈🎉🎈 If the thought of processing & classifying transactions, remitting super, reconciling bank accounts, filing source

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