Month: May 2018

Down with paperclips!

It’s paperclip day and we’re celebrating the demise of MS clippy. Paperclips have absolutely nothing to do with modern bookkeeping. They face extinction as electronic record keeping and cloud accounting take over. Sorry, not sorry, paperclips, but we use and love data management apps AND that means no more stapling,

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Sherlock Holmes Day

Bookkeeping is elementary my dear! Good Bookkeeping is elementary to running a business, and if that’s not how you feel when it comes to doing your books, then it’s time to outsource! If you can’t deduce your way out of a paper bag, if logical reasoning isn’t your thing, why

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National Safety Dose Day

What’s a safe dose of DIY bookkeeping? How often can a business owner safely process wages & leave requests before they break out in a fever? What is the safe limit of requests for a valid tax invoice? How many group certificates can the average business owner issue before they

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Free Trade Day

We know you’re free to trade with anyone you like, however, the implications of trading with unlicensed or unregistered people and businesses may not be advantageous. What if your suppliers and/or subcontractors haven’t registered for an ABN? Did you know you must withhold the top marginal rate and Medicare levy?

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May Day! May Day!

May Day! May Day! As bookkeepers, we hear ‘May Day!’ too often. Why? Business owners think ‘How hard can it be?’ – turns out, a lot harder than they thought. Or perhaps they think ‘I can’t afford to pay for help’. We get called in to rescue business owners from

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