Month: July 2020

JobKeeper 2.0

Don’t panic – the current program will still run until the end of September.
JobKeeper 2.0 will start from 28th September. You won’t be able to confirm eligibility until early October.

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World Jump Day

If your client says ‘Jump’ and you say ‘How high?’ is it really a contractor relationship? Or are you a misclassified employee?
If you are being paid as a contractor, but do not have control over the who, what, when, why, how – you might be involved in sham contracting.

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Pandemonium Day

Is this your workplace?
Do you spend all day putting out fires?
Get some experts on your team to help with the tasks that are outside your skillset.
Running around like a headless chook won’t help, but there are many people ready and able to assist you – just reach out and ask for support.

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Tell The Truth Day

How good are you at telling the truth?
It’s really important to be as honest as possible with the ATO, especially if you are claiming any of the stimulus measures currently on offer.
The Tax Office has teamed up with the Australian Federal Police to catch the cheaters. Penalties are likely to be severe.

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