Month: August 2020

Is it time to start cashflow forecasting?

Have you ever said:
I don’t know if I can pay the wages next week
My suppliers are chasing me, but I can’t pay my bills on time
It’s time to pay the BAS and I don’t have the money

If you have said one (or more of these) then cashflow forecasting could help you get a handle on what is coming next, so you don’t get a nasty surprise.

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JobKeeper 1 updates

Important changes to JobKeeper V1 effective 3rd August
Employee eligibility can be tested as at 1st July – this covers casuals for 12 months of service, new hires & eligible business participants.

You must nominate ALL your eligible employees

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Rollercoaster Day

Right now its not confined to a single day, everyday is a rollercoaster.
It’s ok to be scared as we hurtle along.

Lifeline: 13 11 14
Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636

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Play in the Sand Day

Play in the sand by all means, but don’t bury your head in it.

Sand is important in building like record keeping is to accounting. It is necessary for a strong structure.

Do you need help to manage your team? We’d love to help you relax on the sand once you’ve pulled your head out.

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Lazy Day

When is the last time you enjoyed a lazy day?
We hope it was on the weekend!

A lazy day can give your body and mind a rest, so you can be more productive tomorrow.

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JobKeeper 2v2

JobKeeper v2 What you need to know (for now)

Nothing is law yet!
Its too early to worry about details – stay tuned!

The current program will run until the end of Sept.
If you are in, you remain in, you may also opt in if you become eligible.

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July IAS is due soon

ATO Cashflow boost 2 will automatically be applied – we’ll confirm any amount due when we lodge for our clients who report monthly.

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June BAS due soon

We are beavering away on BAS lodgments, please respond to our questions promptly. Using the BAS agent extension, we need to lodge your BAS by 25th August or you risk being fined by the ATO. The ATO cashflow boost 1 & 2 (PAYG W refund) will be applied upon lodgement

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