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JobSaver – How to reconfirm your eligibility

Businesses receiving JobSaver support will need to reconfirm eligibility fortnightly and payment should be received within a week. You can only confirm at the end of the period, if you need time to get your accounts up to date, you can submit more than one declaration at a time.

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JobSaver Reconfirming Eligibility

Businesses receiving support will need to reconfirm eligibility fortnightly and payment should be received within a week.
September payments will be processed without further info being required.
There are 3 possible testing options.
You are able to confirm all the fortnights you are eligible for – receiving a large payment in one fortnight will not stop you receiving payments for future fortnights if your turnover falls again. You do not need to reapply if you are ineligible for a fortnight.

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JobSaver & Micro Business Grant in NSW

More info on the sudden changes to the Service NSW JobSaver & Micro Business Grants is expected to be released on Monday.

We hope to learn if you can re-enter the scheme if trading declines after it gets better.
Will declarations delay payments? If fortnight ends on a Sunday and payment is expected on a Monday – will small businesses be waiting longer?

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Changes to JobSaver make front page news

Late on Friday Service NSW announced surprise changes to the JobSaver Program.
Businesses will need to retest fortnightly for payments to continue.
Bookkeepers and accountants think this will cause hardship and extra expense for small businesses.
Nicole was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald in the article about red tape for small business

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JobSaver Urgent Urgent Update

JobSaver & Micro Business Grant fortnightly payments will go out today as scheduled.

Bookkeepers & accountants and their associations are pushing back on these new unrealistic hoops we being asked to jump through – without warning.

At this stage – do nothing.

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Urgent Update – JobSaver and Micro Business Grant

You may or may not have received an email from Service NSW about confirming your eligibility for JobSaver or Micro Business Grant. Despite the email suggesting you can opt out if you no longer require the payments, when you login you will discover you are being asked to retest your turnover for the past fortnight (fortnight-ish, its only a 13 day period). This new testing contradicts assurances from Service NSW that payments would continue until restrictions are eased.

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NSW 2021 COVID-19 Business Grant

There is only 1 week left to apply.
This grant is to cover business effected in the first 3 weeks of lockdown, if you didn’t feel the effects until after 18th July – take a look at the JobSaver support.
There have been a number of changes to the rules – make sure you check the current state of affairs before you attempt to claim.

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Fairwork and COVID

Not sure of the best way to keep your employees safe and protect your business?

FairWork has update their website with more info on Australian workplace laws and COVID.

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Rollercoaster Day

Running a small business can feel like a ride on a rollercoaster – lots of ups and downs, scary and fun.
At the moment it feels like we can’t get off and we are just hurtling along. It’s ok not to enjoy the ride. Reach out for help if you need it.

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Service NSW Business Support Update

Over the weekend Service NSW updated their website – extending the testing period for JobSaver & Micro Business Grant
You can now test for a 30% or more decline in turnover between 26/6/21 and 28/8/21 – the period must be 14 consecutive days or more

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