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World Kindness Day

What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you? We love to hear good news stories, often in business its the bad stuff that makes the news. The business owners we know are doing the best they can with the skills and resources they have and a little bit Read more…

Category:   Business Family    Celebrations    Small Business   

Ample Time Day

Do you think you have ample time to get everything done in your small business? Deliver your product/service, marketing/business development, training/education, team management, finance etc etc etc…. If you think there is ample time to respond to your bookkeeper / BAS agent about the September BAS – you are wrong! Read more…

Category:   BAS agent    Business    Critical Due Dates    Small Business   

Spreadsheet Day

A spreadsheet does not an accounting system make. If you are running a business (not mucking around with a hobby) you need a proper system, we think something you can connect extra modules or systems to, so you don’t need to double handle data. You’ll want a business system that Read more…

Category:   Business    Business Apps    Cloud    Small Business    Xero   
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