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June BAS due soon

We are beavering away on BAS lodgments, please respond to our questions promptly. Using the BAS agent extension, we need to lodge your BAS by 25th August or you risk being fined by the ATO. The ATO cashflow boost 1 & 2 (PAYG W refund) will be applied upon lodgement Read more…

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JobKeeper 2.0

Don’t panic – the current program will still run until the end of September. JobKeeper 2.0 will start from 28th September. You won’t be able to confirm eligibility until early October. Treasury has released the first JobKepeer 2.0 factsheets. You can get the source documents here:

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World Jump Day

If your client says ‘Jump’ and you say ‘How high?’ is it really a contractor relationship? Or are you a misclassified employee? A true contractor is running a business of their own and managing all of the risks that entails. They ought to have enough expertise to control how they Read more…

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