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Wanna know how we cleaned up our computers? We’ve gone to the cloud. It also solved those pesky Mac – PC compatibility issues too! Switching to xero was the catalyst for us to go cloud only. We love the ability to login anywhere! We can jump in a provide support Read more…

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Have you made a resolution to get organised in 2020? No more mucking around, last minute shenanigans and missed opportunities? So what’s the trick to getting organised? No really, if you know, share! Asana for deadlines and checklists. We’ve added all of our repeating tasks so we know when to Read more…

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Rubber Duckie Day

Rubber duckies sound a bit childish, but floating is a skill we can all use. Stop getting bogged down in drama, just float on by. For small businesses the biggest bog is cashflow, having a great product or service means nothing if the money goes out faster than it comes Read more…

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