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Spreadsheet Day

A spreadsheet does not an accounting system make. If you are running a business (not mucking around with a hobby) you need a proper system, we think something you can connect extra modules or systems to, so you don’t need to double handle data. You’ll want a business system that Read more…

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Guardian Angel Day

Small business owners need a guardian angel – someone like a bookkeeper to keep them on the path of light and away from the darkness of a tax office audit. These days BAS agents (professional bookkeepers) are usually found working in the cloud. This means your guardian angel can be Read more…

Category:   BAS agent    Business    Cloud    Small Business    Staff   

Are you mainlining caffeine to keep it all going in your small business? Maybe on International Coffee Day you are starting to think about how you can cut down to a more sensible 3 cups per day? Starting a business turns out to be harder than many people think, delivery Read more…

Category:   BAS agent    Business    Small Business    Staff   
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