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If you lodge monthly: Remember to set funds aside for the July IAS which is due soon. If you haven’t already received the IAS for esign – don’t worry it is coming.

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Where does happiness happen? Everywhere! (And not just on Happiness Happens Day) We want to bring some happiness to all of our clients, by helping them relax, because they know there’s a whole team of bookkeepers in their corner. We look after their bills & record keeping, their sales invoices, Read more…

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Happy World Wide Web Day! We love web-based or SaaS accounting & business management tools. Why? Because we’re sick of being chained to our desk & PC (cos some software still isn’t designed for mac!) We’re completely over installing and upgrading software, and then there’s the hassle of remembering to Read more…

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Group Certificates

Don’t forget to reconcile your payroll accounts and then provide group certificates (or individual non-business payment summaries – it really rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?!) to your employees by this Friday 14th July. Make sure you have permission (in writing) from your employees to send them by email, otherwise Read more…

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