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Retro Day

Dial up internet – how retro! Remember the tools we used to run our businesses? desktop software (or no software – paper ledgers), saving files to floppy disks, fax machines, brick mobile phones, adding machines – it wasn’t too long ago that it was all considered ‘normal’. Being tied to Read more…

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Are there tasks in running your business that you find torturous? Many small business owners didn’t realise running their own business would involve so much crushing admin – they had no idea the number of uncomfortable hats they would need to wear – HR, legal, marketing, coffee runner, quality control, Read more…

Category:   Small Business   

Wanna know how we cleaned up our computers? We’ve gone to the cloud. It also solved those pesky Mac – PC compatibility issues too! Switching to xero was the catalyst for us to go cloud only. We love the ability to login anywhere! We can jump in a provide support Read more…

Category:   Business Apps    Cloud    Small Business   
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