Grow your business with accredited bookkeepers

It's unlikely that you went into business to be the accounts department - debt collector, payroll officer, tax liaison manager or GST expert.

Steve & John were in a similar place

Neither Steve nor John understood the complexities of (or had any interest in) accounts management
Bills were not always being paid on time, some were paid twice.
Employee records were not accurate.

Outsource to BAS agents for transparent and impartial support. Both partners have access to all data.
Connect Xero and ReceiptBank for a paperless, work from anywhere office.

Steve & John upload receipts as they happen using a phone app or forward bills they receive by email.
We process transactions already paid by card
and create supplier payments for authorisation.

Suppliers are paid on time. Employees & super are paid correctly & on time.
BASs are lodged on time, accountants can prepare tax returns & advise before issues become big problems.

Imagine having a whole team of friendly, flexible and professional bookkeepers in your corner, people you can chat to about your business, who understand the pressures of running a service business.

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Recent research shows small businesses with a bookkeeper are more successful and profitable than those that choose to manage their own books. Developing systems can remove the stress of compliance.

Our easy 7 step process:

  1. Interview to make sure we’ll fit into your team
  2. We’ll prepare a proposal with all the support you need and nothing you don’t need
  3. Healthcheck your current situation so we all know where we are starting from
  4. You give us permission to manage your ATO obligations
  5. We bring your data up to date
  6. You supply paperwork as you go
  7. We manage your accounts

We will customise a package just for you, so you know you’re getting the service you need, without being forced into parameters that don’t fit you. You’ll know exactly what the cost is each and every month – no big bills at year end, and we won’t invoice you for each call or email.

Stay compliant, let us do the heavy lifting!

To get started on streamlining your accounts or arrange an accounts healthcheck give us a call or email us.

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