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Don’t Utter a Word Day 🤐

No need.
Your face tells us everything!

😡 Its now 9pm and I’m still working on my accounts
🤥 Everyone else claims this in their business, so will I
🤢 Chasing clients, begging them to pay me

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Battery Day

It’s only February, but it feels like ages since the Christmas break when we last recharged our batteries 🔋
Aussies are entitled to 4 weeks annual leave each year – we must remember to take it!
And we need to encourage our staff to take theirs too.
Not convinced? Leave entitlements are expensive to payout if you let it build up too much

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Make A Friend Day

We’ve made lots of friends, we call them clients!

We work really closely with our clients, so we need to be friendly to do our best work.
We’ll celebrate your highs, support you when times aren’t so good – like a best friend we will keep your secrets close and have your back with the tax office.

Are you looking for a new business friend?

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Umbrella Day

Clouds – they hold rain and data.
The rain kind are great for life, but always have an umbrella on standby.
The data kind are amazing for business life.
If your data cloud is a more like a storm – contact us, we can share our data umbrella!

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day
Safer than what?
We think internet based apps are safer than paper or desktop software records.
A mob bankruptcy next door needn’t ruin your business too!

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Pay Your Bills Week

How are you good are you at the job of paying bills?
Subbies, staff, credit cards, trade accounts, ATO & YOU!
But only once! And on time.

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Laugh And Get Rich Day

Well we’ve got the laugh part under control!
You probably think bookkeeping is boring and there aren’t any laughs to be had. On that score you’re wrong.
We’ve got a great bunch of clients we can have a chuckle with, and a wonderfully fun bookkeeping/accounting community.
We love to support our clients so they can build a business and get rich, and as we know, a rising tide lifts all boats.

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