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Chances are your sick of dealing with paperwork after hours / on weekends or the missus is refusing to be your accounts dept.
You’re probably not sure who owes you money.

Jim was in a similar boat

Jim was using a carbon invoice book, but only completing and sending invoices when the bank account was empty (up to 3 months between invoice batches).

BAS agents hired (Us!). Migrate to online systems for a paperless ‘caffice’ (car office)

Jim prepares & emails the invoice to the customer before driving away.
Jim snaps pictures of expenses (fuel, pool chemicals etc) using his phone – as they happen.
We do the rest.

Clients pay promptly, Jim has money in the bank and can pay his mortgage.
Jim’s BAS is lodged on time, his documents & tax records are stored safely.

Imagine having a friendly and flexible bookkeeping team a phone call away, people you can chat to about your business (without the confusing jargon), we know you need to be out on the road during the day and don’t want to handle the paperwork after a full day or on the weekend.

Think we can help you too? Give us a call!

Our easy 7 step process:

  1. Interview to make sure we make a good team
  2. We’ll prepare a quote for you to approve
  3. Healthcheck your data to see where you are at
  4. You give us permission to take over ATO stuff
  5. We get you up to date
  6. You send us paperwork as you go
  7. We do the things

We will scope a package just for you – nothing off the shelf with too much or too little support, you’ll know exactly what the cost is each and every month – no big bills at year end, and we won’t invoice you for each call or email – so get in contact with us now!

Stay compliant, let us do the heavy lifting!

To get started on streamlining your accounts or arrange an accounts healthcheck give us a call or email us.

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