Be Late For Something Day

If you are going to be late for something – choose wisely! Being late with ATO lodgements and payments isn’t recommended, but by all means be late for your own funeral by living a long and happy life!

In a determined effort to stop our clients being late for the former, we send out reminders about approaching deadlines, like ‘send us your bank statements, so we can confirm everything is present and accounted for (pardon the pun) before we prepare your BAS’ and ‘put some money aside, the BAS is due soon’ and not forgetting ‘e-sign now, pay tomorrow – it’s the last minute’.
Clients with employees are reminded to pay super, distribute group certificates and lodge the summary with the ATO. Builders are tipped off about TPARs.
We know small business owners can’t remember everything, so we’ll give you the heads up and hope to help you with that long and happy life. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for friendly reminders as deadlines approach.