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Battery Day

It’s only February, but it feels like ages since the Christmas break when we last recharged our batteries 🔋
Aussies are entitled to 4 weeks annual leave each year – we must remember to take it!
And we need to encourage our staff to take theirs too.
Not convinced? Leave entitlements are expensive to payout if you let it build up too much

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January IAS is due soon

January IAS is due soon (only for monthly lodgers)

Put some money aside, or chase up your naughty clients to get some cash in the door.
If we manage it all for you – keep an eye out for the IAS for you to e-sign in the coming week.

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JobKeeper 2.2 monthly reporting

If you are participating in JobKeeper v2.2 – it is now time to submit January actual and February estimated sales to the ATO.

Reports need to be submitted by the 14th February for you to receive JobKeeper payment for January wages.

The portal declaration is a legal document, fibbing to the ATO isn’t a good idea!

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December Quarter Super Due Now

December is super due now
October-December super contributions must be received (by fund) by 28th January.
Payments should be made now as it can take up to 7 days to process.

Please note that late payments of superannuation are not tax deductible.

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Staff leave

It’s holiday time! Hurrah!
Don’t forget to record staff leave – you’ll want to keep their balances up to date.
If we usually process wages for your staff, please let us know your office closure dates and we’ll let you know if there are any issues with leave balances, explain the fine print and discuss your options with you.

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Allowable deductions for Christmas parties & gifts

Best to refresh your memory on the allowable deductions and FBT rules, before the event, so you don’t end up with any surprise tax to pay!
It is possible to enjoy some tax benefits out of your generosity and avoid Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).
The following is a general summary of the tax treatment of Christmas giving.

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Tax Scale Update

Hot off the press!

The ATO says:
Important information – October 2020 updates
Employers have until 16th November 2020 to update their payroll systems.

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Podcast Day

You can celebrate #PodcastDay by listening to the classic episode #173 of Small Biz Matters with our very own Nicole!

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