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Umbrella Day

Clouds – they hold rain and data.
The rain kind are great for life, but always have an umbrella on standby.
The data kind are amazing for business life.
If your data cloud is a more like a storm – contact us, we can share our data umbrella!

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day
Safer than what?
We think internet based apps are safer than paper or desktop software records.
A mob bankruptcy next door needn’t ruin your business too!

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Get your cashflow ducks in a row

In these uncertain times, can you afford not to be on top of your cashflow?
The only constant is change, and to keep up with the changes happening at the moment you need something easy to use to stay on top of the flow.

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Spreadsheet Day

A spreadsheet does not an accounting system make.
If you are running a business (not mucking around with a hobby) you need a proper system. You’ll want a business system that will allow you to grow without having to start from scratch at each stage.

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Auto super & STP with Xero

So you’ve got staff and you need to opt in for STP reporting, why not setup xero auto super while you are at it?
STP reporting is designed to make sure employers are paying staff super – on time.

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National Tree Day

Are you planting trees or still cutting them down?

We’re largely paperless, and so are our clients, thanks to Xero and connected apps like Hubdoc, which will e-fetch your invoices and statements for you.

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