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Home Business Month

Suddenly there are a lot more of us running or working for a home business!
Although the Streamline team have been able to work from home for years – this is different and at times there is a sense of overwhelm and being trapped.
Please sing out if there is anything we can do to help, or if you’d like to chat.

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World Telecommunications Day

If you are upgrading your phone to something a little more modern – you’ll need to transfer your 2 step authenticator BEFORE you lock yourself out of all your cloud apps!

Ask us for help so you don’t temporarily lose access to xero.

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Better Sleep Month

What keeps you up at night?
Is it worrying about remembering & being able to pay your bills on time?

Cashflow forecasting can help you keep on top of upcoming bills and projecting your bank balance into the future.

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Cubicle Day

When we hear cubicle – this is what we all think of, right?
Doing business in a little box – its not for everyone.
If you’ve decided the cubicle is not where you want to spend your working day – it might be time to investigate cloud apps so you can work anywhere.

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Umbrella Day

Clouds – they hold rain and data.
The rain kind are great for life, but always have an umbrella on standby.
The data kind are amazing for business life.
If your data cloud is a more like a storm – contact us, we can share our data umbrella!

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day
Safer than what?
We think internet based apps are safer than paper or desktop software records.
A mob bankruptcy next door needn’t ruin your business too!

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Work Harder Day

Some days it might feel like you are pushing it uphill, working harder probably won’t fix that.
Work smarter, not harder. Stop and sharpen your axe so you can work more efficiently.
Leave the hard work to others!

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Clean Off Your Desk Day

Are you kicking off 2021 with a clean slate and desk?
We’ve managed to streamline 😉 our desktops by investigating and investing in cloud apps. Back in 2012 we discovered the benefits of xero, since then we’ve been adding connected apps to our tech stack.
Cleaning paperwork off your desk gives you options and a safety net. And makes collaborating much easier!
Not sure what you can chuck and what you need to keep? Ask us!

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Technology Day

Technology has changed massively in our lifetimes. We can now run a business from a mobile phone!
Trades businesses can ditch the carbon book and generate invoices from a phone or tablet while on site or from the carffice (car office).
Professional services businesses can appear bigger than they actually are and bring in experts to assist their clients as required, without having to be in the same room.

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Cyber Security Awareness Month

Are you aware of cyber security issues and keeping your business data safe?
We’ve added an extra layer of security to keep our and our clients data as safe as we can.
Are there any changes you need to make this month?

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