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Don’t Utter a Word Day 🤐

No need.
Your face tells us everything!

😡 Its now 9pm and I’m still working on my accounts
🤥 Everyone else claims this in their business, so will I
🤢 Chasing clients, begging them to pay me

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Pay Your Bills Week

How are you good are you at the job of paying bills?
Subbies, staff, credit cards, trade accounts, ATO & YOU!
But only once! And on time.

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Hat Day

As a small business owner, you might have expected to wear a crown befitting your royal status.
Turns out you have to wear a whole bunch of hats, some of them are really uncomfortable.
If you want to take back the crown – we look quite fetching in a number of hats, ask to borrow our noggins.

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I Am Not Going to Take it Anymore Day

We’ve all had it up to here 💁‍♂️
Perhaps you’ve decided that you’re not going to take anymore carbon invoice book mucking around – its time to go digital.
If 2021 is the year you aren’t going to take anymore after hours paperwork – get in contact!

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Technology Day

Technology has changed massively in our lifetimes. We can now run a business from a mobile phone!
Trades businesses can ditch the carbon book and generate invoices from a phone or tablet while on site or from the carffice (car office).
Professional services businesses can appear bigger than they actually are and bring in experts to assist their clients as required, without having to be in the same room.

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Apprentices and Trainees wage subsidy

No longer eligible for JobKeeper?

You might be eligible for apprentice & trainee subsidies.

Eligible employers can apply for a wage subsidy of 50 per cent of an eligible apprentice or trainee’s wages paid until 31 March 2021.

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Tradesmen Day

Shout out to all the tradies!

We have no idea how to fix a leaking toilet, build a pool, let alone build a whole house!
However, we do know bookkeeping.
Tradies who spend all day on the tools, shouldn’t have to spend all night or the weekend on the books.

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Play in the Sand Day

Play in the sand by all means, but don’t bury your head in it.

Sand is important in building like record keeping is to accounting. It is necessary for a strong structure.

Do you need help to manage your team? We’d love to help you relax on the sand once you’ve pulled your head out.

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JobKeeper 2v2

JobKeeper v2 What you need to know (for now)

Nothing is law yet!
Its too early to worry about details – stay tuned!

The current program will run until the end of Sept.
If you are in, you remain in, you may also opt in if you become eligible.

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Insurance Awareness Day

Are you aware of what business insurance you might need? Public Liability – it is to protect your business from claims from 3rd parties of personal injury or property damage arising from your product or service.Professional Indemnity – some industries require this. Medical professionals, accountants & bookkeepers, lawyers, engineers &

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