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Battery Day

It’s only February, but it feels like ages since the Christmas break when we last recharged our batteries 🔋
Aussies are entitled to 4 weeks annual leave each year – we must remember to take it!
And we need to encourage our staff to take theirs too.
Not convinced? Leave entitlements are expensive to payout if you let it build up too much

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Make A Friend Day

We’ve made lots of friends, we call them clients!

We work really closely with our clients, so we need to be friendly to do our best work.
We’ll celebrate your highs, support you when times aren’t so good – like a best friend we will keep your secrets close and have your back with the tax office.

Are you looking for a new business friend?

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Allowable deductions for Christmas parties & gifts

Best to refresh your memory on the allowable deductions and FBT rules, before the event, so you don’t end up with any surprise tax to pay!
It is possible to enjoy some tax benefits out of your generosity and avoid Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).
The following is a general summary of the tax treatment of Christmas giving.

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Internet Day

Can you imagine life without the internet??!
Right now that seems impossible!
We are super grateful to have Xero, Receiptbank, Float, GovReports, Practice Ignition, Xbert, MinuteDock, Asana, Zoom & Facebook in our lives!
The internet and our Appstack has allowed us to support our clients through these challenging times. Hurrah for the internet!

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International Coffee Day

Where shall we meet for a coffee and a chat?
We love to chat to our clients about all kinds of things – it doesn’t have to stick to the exciting world of bookkeeping! We want to know what’s happening in your business.

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JobKeeper 2 starts soon

JobKeeper2 is about to start!

JobKeeper1 ends on Sunday. Any PAYMENT made after Sunday will not count in JobKeeper1 and is not reimbursable. You may need to update your pay templates to remove topups if you are no longer eligible.

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Boss/Employee Exchange Day

Is the exchange between boss and employee as simple as money for time?
Hopefully its not an exchange of heated words!
What about exchanging roles for a day?

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Bring your manners to work day

Courtesy is free, buy in bulk and make it rain!

Running a small business is stressful, sometimes your clients are demanding and rude.
The relationship between service provider and client is not one of master and serf, it is between SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).

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Rollercoaster Day

Right now its not confined to a single day, everyday is a rollercoaster.
It’s ok to be scared as we hurtle along.

Lifeline: 13 11 14
Beyond Blue: 1300 22 4636

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