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Home Business Month

Suddenly there are a lot more of us running or working for a home business!
Although the Streamline team have been able to work from home for years – this is different and at times there is a sense of overwhelm and being trapped.
Please sing out if there is anything we can do to help, or if you’d like to chat.

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Dinosaurs Day

Right now in Sydney, many small businesses feel like they could become extinct at any moment.
Various grants can provide a lifeline to your business – but you need to have accurate data at your fingertips to make it happen. Using spreadsheets or column books (are they still a thing?) rather than decent accounting software is going to make eligibility testing much harder than it needs to be.
Is it time for your business to evolve from the Jurassic era? We’ve been around since the stone age (1997) – we can help you modernise your business too.

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Employee Stand Downs

So you want to stand down your employees during the lockdown – make sure you follow FairWork guidelines. They have updated their website today.

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NSW Business Support

What support is available for my business?
That is a great question – there are a number of support measures available and each one has slightly different eligibility requirements

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June BAS due dates

Did you know the June BAS has 3 different due dates depending on the lodgement method?
Regardless of method – on time lodgement is important – fines can be imposed for late lodgement.

Even if you can’t pay the BAS – you’ll be better off lodging to avoid fines, you can make a payment plan while times are tough.

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2021 Payroll finalisation

STP finalisation for staff is due by 31st July – make sure you reconcile your payroll accounts BEFORE you press the button.
If we manage the whole payroll shebang for you, we have reconciled your accounts and need your permission to finalise – make sure you review and sign.
If we are supporting you, but you are the STP submitter for your business, we have sent you instructions on how to finalise.
Who? What? When? Where? Why? Reach out if you need a hand to sort out your payroll!

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Applications now open for NSW JobSaver Payments

This is in pilot mode – even Service NSW know there are still kinks to be ironed out!
Applications close on 18 October 2021 – if you can survive a little longer you may be better to wait – we are expecting more info to be released in the coming days.

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Government Grant Update

We have a little more information available – but not very much!

You will need to apply for these support measures yourself – Service NSW is running the program and there is no agent access to their portal.
if you can survive a little longer you may be better to wait – the rules have already changed and we are expecting more info to be released in the coming days.

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