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Pay Your Bills Week

How are you good are you at the job of paying bills?
Subbies, staff, credit cards, trade accounts, ATO & YOU!
But only once! And on time.

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January IAS is due soon

January IAS is due soon (only for monthly lodgers)

Put some money aside, or chase up your naughty clients to get some cash in the door.
If we manage it all for you – keep an eye out for the IAS for you to e-sign in the coming week.

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JobKeeper 2.2 monthly reporting

If you are participating in JobKeeper v2.2 – it is now time to submit January actual and February estimated sales to the ATO.

Reports need to be submitted by the 14th February for you to receive JobKeeper payment for January wages.

The portal declaration is a legal document, fibbing to the ATO isn’t a good idea!

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December Quarter Super Due Now

December is super due now
October-December super contributions must be received (by fund) by 28th January.
Payments should be made now as it can take up to 7 days to process.

Please note that late payments of superannuation are not tax deductible.

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Keep Your Business Afloat on Rubber Duckie Day

To celebrate Rubber Duckie Day, we’ve been able to secure extended Float app trials for our clients.
It auto updates with each invoice you issue or bill you receive. Use Scenario planning to map out up to 10 different what ifs.
We can help you setup cashflow forecasting so you can survive and thrive.
Contact us if you’d like to get your cashflow ducks in a row.

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Staff leave

It’s holiday time! Hurrah!
Don’t forget to record staff leave – you’ll want to keep their balances up to date.
If we usually process wages for your staff, please let us know your office closure dates and we’ll let you know if there are any issues with leave balances, explain the fine print and discuss your options with you.

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Tax Scale Update

Hot off the press!

The ATO says:
Important information – October 2020 updates
Employers have until 16th November 2020 to update their payroll systems.

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JobKeeper 2 is go

JobKeeper 2 is go, but it is too early to confirm if you qualify.
Confused yet?

Your business needs to measure ACTUAL turnover for the September 2020 quarter and compare to September 2019 using the same method as your BAS. Decline must be 30% or more to be eligible for JobKeeper2 payments.

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