Get a Balanced Life Month

Did you make a resolution to get a balanced life? Sick of feeling overwhelmed?
Yep – us too!

We’re beefing up our processes to keep things running smoothly, so we don’t have massive peaks in our workload when a BAS is due.
The quickest workload win for us is to implement Hubdoc to fetch bank statements for our clients. Not relying on bank statements being emailed means we can reconcile bank accounts sooner (monthly or weekly even!) and get started on BAS review – not to mention emailing sensitive data isn’t the best option as we become more data security conscious.
If you haven’t setup Hubdoc yet – hop to it.

And to those clients who like to wait til the last minute – we will continue to balance our needs with yours – but we won’t be pulling all nighters to avoid the ATO fining you.