Home Business Month

Suddenly there are a lot more of us running or working for a home business!

The lockdowns have created a whole bunch of headaches for small businesses – we need to make sure our staff are working safely to prevent injuries and workers compensation claims.
We need to make sure our staff are working as best they can and still producing results, hopefully you have a workflow or project management cloud based app so staff can work through assigned tasks and you can see where they are at.
What about team communication? Without a watercooler, how does the team interact? We’re using a combo of slack & zoom to keep the team together and to workshop ideas.
Perhaps your staff can’t work from home – then what? Make sure you check out fairwork for the rules when standing down staff without pay.
Although the Streamline team have been able to work from home for years – this is different and at times there is a sense of overwhelm and being trapped.
Please sing out if there is anything we can do to help, or if you’d like to chat.

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