I Am Not Going to Take it Anymore Day

We’ve all had it up to here 💁‍♂️
Having decided you are not going to take it anymore, what tasks can we take care of for you?
We’ve been assisting small businesses since 1997 with jobs they aren’t going to do anymore.

Perhaps you’ve decided that you’re not going to take anymore carbon invoice book mucking around – its time to go digital, with a system you can operate on site or from your carffice (car office).
How great would it be to have invoices that add themselves up, add GST and can be emailed out with a couple of clicks.
Imagine being able to see how many invoices and the total value owed to you without needing a calculator and risking papercuts (the worst workplace injury) as you flick through the invoice book.
What about checking jobcosts to date for a project? Would that info be handy to have?

If 2021 is the year you aren’t going to take anymore after hours paperwork – get in contact!

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