Important coronavirus update

Although we are not panicking,
we will be doing our bit to minimize risks
to the community associated with coronavirus.

We are implementing physical distancing – but we’ll remain as social as ever!

From now on we will not make site visits.
We will happily do zoom video meetings.

Want to know about the stimulus packages?
Just ask (will be before parliament next week).
Also see our email on Friday with details.

Concerned that your cashflow might get tight?
Lets chat to plan it out.
The ATO is offering assistance measures.
Make sure super is paid. There will be no leniency for late super payments.

Need help with online tools to make remote working easier for your team?
We’re happy to share what is working for us and what you could consider.
(Don’t forget about OH&S issues) abc news article here 

Any other questions?
Feeling isolated?
Please call – we’d love to chat or zoom

You can also catch us on our social channels:

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