Rollercoaster Week

It feels a lot longer than a week!

The current ride has been going for a few months, but for small business owners – its probably since the beginning.

Make sure you strap in before you take off on the small service business ride!
Its starts with a long slow climb up, you think you’ve got some momentum and then you come crashing down and up you go again, slightly more ready for the freefall.
There are sharp turns, as you make changes along the track.
Loop the loop, small business ownership feels like you are going around in circles, hiring staff, firing staff (in a fairwork compliant way), engaging clients, ditching clients, creating new services, discontinuing old services, round and round.
You can’t see what is coming as you rush through dark tunnels, but you can’t stop either.
Ever gone backwards on a rollercoaster? Thats a whole other layer! And many business owners are on that section of the track right now.
Small business can often feel like an endless loop, although sometimes you come back to the platform sooner than expected and head out through the turnstiles looking for something a bit more sedate. Others love the thrill and go around again and again and again.

Rollercoasters can be heaps of fun when you know what the ride is like and you’ve got great people along for the ride – mugging it up for the souvenir photo. We love posing for pictures – we’d love to join you in your car, screaming with you in the scary bits and laughing along the way.