Xerocon 2018 wrap up

This year we took the whole #StreamTeam along to xerocon and celebrated the end of #EndOfFinancialYear with the 3,702 attendees. We’ll share the teams thoughts on coachella for accountants.

The theme was #HumanAtHeart. AI and machine learning won’t replace humans working with other humans. There weren’t any massive product release announcements this year, but the xero app will be getting some love and extra functionality.

Nicole: it’s always great to hear from Rod Drury – the founder. He is an engaging #human speaker. He explained why he stepped down from running the business so he could get back to building and working on the product he loves.
The social side – catching up with our bookkeeper buddies is always great.
The wrap party was amazing again this year.

Bethany says: I thought Herman Man was quite interesting to listen to, but my preferred speaker was Hayden Walsh – implementation for your clients at scale. As I am still learning a lot about Xero it was nice to see a demonstration for how Xero can be used and what it is capable of.

Nina: For starters…relaxing in the ‘pool’ and watching you do laps was just priceless, Nicole!
I enjoyed the diversity of speakers and topics…..from the nitty gritty of xero features, to what inspires us to keep making a difference in our corner of the bookkeeping world. I particularly enjoyed listening to Bernadette Jiwa talking about how business is really about how best we connect with our customers.

Monika says: I liked Genevieve Bell, the anthropologist. She sees a human future with machines doing the boring bits.

Katherine thinks: Genevieve Bell – The AI Revolution? Human-Computer relationships in the 4th Industrial Age
Bernard Salt – The Changing Landscape of the Professionals – Engaging and very entertaining presenter sharing interesting information (based on sensis data) on whether Australia is a good place to choose to invest your time, money and family in for the future
… and closing session with Wiggles man – loved this one

And the wrap party was very well done!

Viva BrisVegas!