Be an Angel today

Bookkeeping and Angels, at first glance they don’t have too much in common, but when you start to think about it, you can’t believe you haven’t noticed our resemblance til now.
Modern bookkeepers, just like angels hang out in the cloud. Why? Cos it’s easier and nothing brings you down to earth quicker than installing software updates!
Beautiful angels want you to do beautiful business, use them as a sounding board for your plans.
Our Wings help us hover over your business, we can see a bigger picture than our clients who can get caught up in the day to day grind.
We wear halos (but try not to polish them while you are looking). Bookkeepers need to look holier than thou – after all, we deal with the tax office on your behalf.
Cherubic smiles, we use them when we explain the requirements for a valid tax invoice, yet again. (GST was invented such a long time ago and yet the rules are still not understood)
As your guardian spirit, we will steer you away from making that outlandish expense claim that you could never justify in an audit.
Bookkeepers are intermediaries between you, the client, and the higher power of the accountant.
And we work miracles to get your BAS lodged on time, even when you only send your documents through a week before deadline.

So be an angel, introduce your friends to a BAS agent/ bookkeeper who can guide them around the cloud.