Better Sleep Month

What keeps you up at night?
Are you worried about being able to pay your bills on time?
Are you concerned that you might not be paying your staff correctly?
Are you struggling to get it all done?
Worried that you might not be claiming and paying GST correctly?
Unsure of the instructions you’ve received from your accountant?
Just generally replaying business decisions you’ve made over and over in your mind?
Concerned that the tax office might pay you an unexpected visit (or worse – you’re already expecting the visit!)

If you are working towards professionalism, but don’t really know where to start – start with your business finances & meeting your legal obligations. Get a registered BAS agent on your team, only registered tax practitioners (BAS/tax agents) can charge a fee for providing advice and services to help their clients comply with tax laws. This could address all of these issues and help you sleep soundly at night.
BAS agents know all about claiming and paying GST, they can help you get on top of payroll issues (including Single Touch Payroll). BAS agents understand accountant lingo and can translate back into everyday english, (they might even hold your hand in the meeting – if you ask nicely). A BAS agent can be a sounding board for your business ideas – they’ve helped other business and can help you too. Just taking over some of your accounts tasks can free your time and your mind.
BAS agents have to take proper care when assisting you, utilising their expertise can keep you compliant with the tax office.
If you’re ready for better sleep it might be time to get a BAS agent on your team