Boost Your Self Esteem Month

What can you do to boost your self esteem this month?
According to Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking, viewing (& editing) your own facebook profile can boost your self esteem.
Exercise and sleep are also considered helpful.
Focus on what you can change, remember that nobody is perfect, and do things that make you happy!

What about delegating some of the jobs you aren’t good at? Slaving away and stuffing up tasks you aren’t great at, is unlikely to boost your self esteem. Offloading some tasks will allow you to focus on the important tasks, acing those tasks will likely boost your mood too!
Do you have a cheersquad to help you celebrate your wins? Solopreneurs don’t necessarily have a crowd to go wild for them. Or even someone to just listen.

Generally speaking our clients aren’t great at accounts, they had a go and realised attempting to do it all wasn’t making them feel good, so they decided to get us to help them. We try to steer our clients away from soul crushing endeavours and love to help celebrate their wins (even the small ones)!

Contact us if outsourcing your accounts will help to boost your self esteem.