Boss/Employee Exchange Day

Is the exchange between boss and employee as simple as money for time?
Hopefully its not an exchange of heated words!

What about exchanging roles for a day?

What could an employee learn if they had to make tough decisions about running a business?
If the employee was sitting behind the big desk, what new understanding would they grasp?
What are the legal issues and the consequences of not doing the right thing? Is it a loss of trading licence and everyone being out of work? Could the consequences involve serious injury to staff, customers or the public?
What work should the business undertake and what work should the business not accept?
Are the staffing levels correct? Does the team need to be downsized or grown?
What is the best way to incentivise the staff?
Are our services priced correctly? Where ought we be marketing our wares? Are we attracting people we want to work with? Customers who make turning up to work a joy?
Can we run a profitable business?

What if the boss became the underling?
Could the boss handle sitting out in the open plan world of hotdesking?
Would they feel they are being treated fairly and respectfully? Are the expectations suitable or unreasonable? Are the managers doing well?

Perhaps taking the time to see the point of view of the other could really benefit everyone.
Are changes needed in the workplace?