Change Your Password Day

How secure is your business data?
When was the last time you changed your password?
How secure is that password?
What would happen if you were hacked? What data could be stolen?
Around half of all attacks are targeted at small businesses, so how can you protect your business?
Practice Protect recommends passphrases rather than passwords. Did you know it would take a bot 5 hours to crack a 8 character password, but 10 years to crack an 11 character password.
Here’s a link to their blog post with more details.

Five simple and free steps to secure your business – Step one: Introduce passphrases

2FA/2SA – Two Factor/Step Authentication will add another layer of protection. User name & Password is combined with a random code on another device (phone or token) or secret questions.
Xero has made 2SA mandatory for all users. You can read their blog post here
What steps are you taking to protect your data?