Clean Off Your Desk Day

Are you kicking off 2021 with a clean slate and desk?
A tidy desk to reflect your tidy mind? (Maybe that is a bridge too far)

We’ve managed to streamline 😉 our desktops by investigating and investing in cloud apps. Back in 2012 we discovered the benefits of xero, since then we’ve been adding connected apps to our tech stack.

Why would a small business want to get involved with the whole cloud app thing?
It gives you the freedom to work at any location that has internet. Up until a year ago, that might have been onsite with clients but right now, its more likely to be in your home office (dining table).
Even in your professional workspace – cloud apps allow us you switch desks or work alfresco on a nice day, you can also switch to another computer so you don’t have to wait for an update to finish loading.
Cleaning paperwork off your desk gives you options and a safety net. And makes collaborating much easier!

Not sure what you can chuck and what you need to keep? Ask us!

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