Clean up your computer month

Wanna know how we cleaned up our computers?
We’ve gone to the cloud. It also solved those pesky Mac – PC compatibility issues too!
Switching to xero was the catalyst for us to go cloud only.

We love the ability to login anywhere! We can jump in a provide support for our clients when they need it, no need to make an appointment 2 weeks from now.
Once you’ve got xero, then you need Receipt Bank to manage source documents (no need to file all of the tax invoices in folders to prove the expense is deductible).
Then we’d add hubdoc to fetch the bank statements and some of those source documents.
If we are championing the cloud, we need to demonstrate that right from the start with our clients, so we use Practice Ignition to create service agreements and proposals for our clients. It’s all online, no editing word docs, printing, signing, scanning for us, or our clients.
Gsuite is great to manage emails, documents and files – no need to install office!
We allow our team to work from home, so we slack each other to keep in touch.

Now all we need to do is make sure the downloads folder is empty and the whole computer is clean – how easy is that?!