Cubicle Day

Do you spend your days in a little cubicle shuffling papers around?
9-5 Monday to Friday stuck at a little desk with your pencil and paper with your boss watching over you?
Well not us!
We don’t sit in a little soulless box, we use cloud tech which allows our whole team to work from anywhere and still have access to paperless source documents.
We can work at the big desk or from home,
we can keep on top of client work while attending week long conferences
or take extended adventures without clients being neglected or support calls unanswered.
Xero + Hubdoc + Receiptbank give us the tools we need, so our clients and our team can work anywhere it suits us.
Contact us if you’re interested in escaping the cubicle for the freedom of the cloud, we’d love to chat to you about the benefits of #XeroAnywhere