Don’t be a peanut, use a registered BAS agent!

(What do peanuts have to do with bookkeeping? Keep reading to find out)

What’s the difference between a bookkeeper and a BAS agent?
A BAS agent is a licensed and insured bookkeeper who invoices you for their work.
If your bookkeeper is not a BAS agent
– They cannot setup accounting software & tailor it to your needs.
– They may not confirm the figures for a client’s BAS lodgment or lodge on the ATO portal (and get the 4 week extension).
– They cannot prepare group certificates/payment summeries or TPARs.
– They may not deal with super through a clearing house or submit a TFN declaration on behalf of a client.

To find out exactly what services can or can’t be performed see the TPBs website here

Don’t be a peanut! Make sure your bookkeeper is a registered BAS agent.


At Streamline Management we’re registered BAS agents – we’re licensed to lodge!