Get Organised Month

Have you made a resolution to get organised in 2020?
No more mucking around, last minute shenanigans and missed opportunities?
So what’s the trick to getting organised? No really, if you know, share!

Asana for deadlines and checklists. We’ve added all of our repeating tasks so we know when to prepare payroll for the employees of our clients.
We’ve got boards for BAS so we can keep track of where each client is at so all BASs can be lodged on time.
We can add adhoc tasks on the fly while we’re on the phone with clients and assign to the best team member for the job.

Slack is used for chat amongst the team – we can stay in touch even when we work from home or anywhere!

Way back in 2015 we jumped on board with Receiptbank to organise client tax records. No need to store paper copies of tax invoices. And that means we don’t need to organise appointments to collect source documents. And no-one needs to organise the bits of paper into folders, or organise the folders on shelves or in archive boxes.

And this year we are focusing on organising automagically fetching of bank statements for our clients with Hubdoc.

What are you doing to get organised? What apps might help?
How can we help you get organised in 2020?