Get Ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like A Pirate Day be occurin’

Ahoy swashbucklers, set sail navigatin’ due dates, arrrr!

Send yer dubloons to the bilge rats for yer August IAS by 21st September.

30th September – Payment summaries for yer crew need to be lodged to the ATO scurvy dogs by yer matey BAS or tax agent.

28th October – Distribute pieces of gold for yer crew – September quarter super is due.

All hands on deck – September quarter BAS is due 28th October if yer DIY or 25th November when yer heartie BAS agent lodges.

Yo ho ho & and a bottle of rum, me maties, it’s time for Christmas booty!

If all these reminders have yer getting ready to walk the plank, maybe its time to get a BAS agent on yer crew. Arrrrr!