Global Bookkeeping Week

Global Bookkeeping Week is coming to a close for another year, we are taking the time to step back and think about what it is we do as modern bookkeepers.

We’ve moved our clients to the cloud – so we can have our office or coffice (cafe office) anywhere around the globe. As small business owners (just like our clients) this gives us freedom to take more holidays and make them longer. 10 years ago the longest trip we would have taken would be 3 weeks and it wouldn’t be every year. 1 or maybe 2 weeks each year and a couple of long weekends would have been normal. Now we can share the work around between our team and jump in when we have a few spare minutes to make sure everything is running smoothly.

During Global Bookkeeping Week a couple of years ago you would have found us in the middle of migrating our clients from desktop software to xero – that’s all sorted now, which allows us to help our clients integrate other apps to ‘streamline’ their business processes. Business app selection and integration is an important part of what we do as modern bookkeepers. For big, multi app integrations we call in cloud integration experts to make the process as smooth as possible for our clients.

Our role is evolving – we review data from various app sources to ensure accuracy before it is imported into the accounting system. Perhaps we need to add project or tracking codes or make sure the business owner isn’t being too cheeky with their business expense claims.
We’ve helped our clients move to e-record keeping – no need to store folders and folders of tax invoices and bank statements (and we won’t get worked up when the page corners don’t line up or the holes have been punch off centre). Purchase info and images flow into the accounting system.
Connecting a quoting app makes it easier for our clients to win more work and the info doesn’t need to be recreated in the accounting system – it just flows in.
Our clients might need a payment gateway so their customers can pay quickly and easily.
We might need to export data from the accounting system into another app for analysis. We help setup and manage cashflow report apps for our clients so they don’t get surprised by a lack of funds.

Around the globe bookkeeping has been evolving over recent years – the giant paper ledgers are long gone and data entry is dying too, listening and speaking with business owners is on the rise. Bookkeepers are becoming app and process specialists to guide small businesses.