Global Bookkeeping Week – What do bookkeepers actually do?

Happy Global Bookkeeping Week!
It takes a whole week to celebrate the awesome work of bookkeepers (that’s 6 days more than accountants – its accrual world!)

So what sort of fun stuff will we be doing at Streamline Management this week? Glad you asked!
– Invoicing. We create and send out invoices for our clients, and then chase up their cheeky customers who haven’t paid.
– Payruns. Turns out most people don’t work for the love of it, so we process weekly, fortnightly or monthly payruns for our clients.
– Pay the bills. We will create batch payments, so all your suppliers can be paid on time* (subject to sufficient funds being available in your account!)
– Reconcile bank accounts. Asking ‘What’s this on your Amex statement’ is never awkward!
-Filing. We’ll get involved in either paper or electronic filing of tax invoices & bank statements to keep you compliant.
– Trick questions. No doubt we’ll get a call or two from our clients asking some curly questions, we’ll be on hand to answer those or refer them onto specialists, if needed.
Don’t forget – we’re licensed, licensed to lodge, and we’ll be preparing & lodging a couple of BAS/IASs this week too.

We’ll do some of it on-site with our clients and some of our week will be spent floating in the cloud. And there will definitely be cake and/or timtams involved!

So who do you know that could do with a team of bookkeepers to bookkeeper-y things in their business?