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We’d tell you an economics joke But there isn’t enough demand. 😆 Good financial record keeping isn’t a joke, unless you consider fines & interest from the tax office funny. If you are a DIY BAS lodger, the June quarter is due for lodgment & payment on 28th July. If Read more…

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World Emoji Day

Have you experienced the 7 emojis of DIY bookkeeping? 🤪 I have to do this before I can knock off 😱 600 unreconciled transactions! 😤 Why is it so hard? 🤮 I hate doing this 🤬 the tax office can…… 😫 How am I going to pay that? 🤥 I’ll Read more…

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National Canoe Day

Now that you’ve outsourced your bookkeeping you could use your spare time to take up canoeing! Or you could use the spare time to spend with your family – totally up to you. But make sure your bookkeeper is a registered BAS agent or you might find yourself up a Read more…

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Don’t get all shook up, but today is Martini Day 🍸 It’s nearly EOFY, is it too early for an espresso martini? EOFY means payment summaries (group certificates) for employees. Did you know preparing and lodging payments summaries that may include FBT and/or reportable super is a BAS service? Are Read more…

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