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How secure is your business data? When was the last time you changed your password? How secure is that password? What would happen if you were hacked? What data could be stolen? Around half of all attacks are targeted at small businesses, so how can you protect your business? Practice Read more…

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Last day at work before the long weekend! We hope you are having fun with your co-workers eating lamingtons, pavlova and vegemite toast! Maybe there is a thong tossing competition? Most people think bookkeeping is pretty boring and there is no way bookkeepers could have fun at work – but Read more…

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True Blue Xero

Why do we choose to be true blue xero supporters? Obviously, we love the product – its true cloud – any device, anywhere, anytime. No issues with mac or PC, no need to install updates or patches, it just works. Xero also has upgrade and downgrade path to suit changes Read more…

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