Guardian Angel Day

Small business owners need a guardian angel – someone like a bookkeeper to keep them on the path of light and away from the darkness of a tax office audit.

These days BAS agents (professional bookkeepers) are usually found working in the cloud. This means your guardian angel can be everywhere at once, flying in to help you when you need them – no need to make an appointment 2 weeks in advance or long waits between sessions to make visits viable.

An angel can listen to your woes, use their wings to lift you up when you feel down and can work miracles when you DIY yourself into a muddle.

BAS agents need to take ‘reasonable care’ when preparing your accounts – they will shush the little devil on your shoulder telling you to claim the boat as a business expense.

Look for this symbol to make sure your guardian angel is recognised by higher powers (the Tax Practitioners Board) and you are protected from imposter spirits.
Is now the time to seek guidance from a guardian angel for your buisness?