Happy Birthday Streamline Management!

On 3rd July we turned 19 years old!
Since we formed the company, way back in 1997, we have helped hundreds of business owners, across a range of industries, get their accounts in order.
We’ve seen a thing or two in that time, so there is no need to be embarrassed, you would have to work really hard to be the worst we’ve seen.
We were there when GST and BAS were introduced, and in 2010 when BAS agents were invented, and we became licensed to lodge.
We’ve rescued a quite a few clients from years of backlog of bookkeeping hell and overdue BAS reminders (fines).
MYOB to Xero conversions? Yep, we’ve done more than 25 of those.
We’ve held clients’ hands in meetings with their accountants and helped translate for them so they could understand what was said.
In 19 years there isn’t much our clients haven’t tried to claim, we can no longer count the number of times we’ve had to say ‘That’s just not claimable’.

So do you need an experienced bookkeeper in your corner to help get your accounts in order? Contact us today.