Hat Day

As a small business owner, you might have expected to wear a crown befitting your royal status.
Turns out you have to wear a whole bunch of hats, some of them are really uncomfortable.

You might wear these hats:
The trucker or delivery driver – getting services to your clients
The opera singer – shouting from the rooftops of facebook and twitter about the awesomeness of your business
The construction worker – building the customer base
Battered fedora of the detective – working out where the money went
Santa – handing out Christmas gifts to staff and clients
Mortarboard – turns out there is a lot to learn about small business management
Party hat – cos you always celebrate the wins
The copper – policing payment terms and outstanding invoices
Clerk’s Greenshade – oh the admin!
Safety googles – well, small business

If you want to take back the crown – we look quite fetching in a number of hats, ask to borrow our noggins.

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