Keep Your Business Afloat on Rubber Duckie Day

To celebrate Rubber Duckie Day, we’ve been able to secure extended Float app trials for our clients.

Float is a ducking awesome forecasting app that connects to Xero. It reads your accounts payable and receivable data and auto updates with each invoice you issue or bill you receive. Use Scenario planning to map out up to 10 different what ifs.

Why do we love float?
πŸ¦†Β  Keep track of critical payment due dates (super, BAS, credit cards, insurance)
πŸ¦†Β  Add in budgets
πŸ¦†Β  See up to 3 years into the future
πŸ¦†Β  What if I review staffing needs or pay a bonus?
πŸ¦†Β  What if
I move to a different office space?
πŸ¦†Β  What if
I create new income streams?
πŸ¦†Β  What if
I negotiate an ATO payment plan?

We can help you setup cashflow forecasting so you can survive and thrive.

Contact us if you’d like to get your cashflow ducks in a row.


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