Let’s streamline Xerocon 2017

Wow! What a huge couple of days!
We’ve had a ball catching up with friends, meeting new people and reconnecting face to face with our app partners, as well as hearing from speakers who were informative, entertaining & inspirational.¬†What are the major takeaways from this years nerd fest? (With 3068 attendees it’s the biggest yet).

Xero has some more massive #gamechanger product features in the works.
Expense claims are being fixed, projects 1.0 (with deposit invoice) are out, xeroHQ apps are here (which includes some of our favourites), but more impressively the Lifelong Learning Platform is launching.
There has never been a better time to be part of an industry that is experiencing rapid change, who’d have thought bookkeepers and accountants were a dynamic bunch of people.

But it all boils down to people.
Bookkeepers and accountants are people,
helping people who own and run businesses,
manage their people and
connect with/sell to people anywhere in the world.

So it’s lucky we love chatting to people! Why don’t you call us today!