Love a tree day

Do you love trees, but still print and file your tax source documents?
Would you love to go paperless and remain on the good side of the tax office?
We love more than just one tree and we are trying to keep them alive in forests by combining Hubdoc and/or Receiptbank and Xero.
Hubdoc can automatically fetch your repeating supplier invoices and bank statements. That means you no longer need to have your bank statements posted (and reduce the risk of your mailbox being raided and your identity stolen). You won’t need to print the bank statements out for your bookkeeper or accountant and you don’t need to email them around (email hacking is happening small businesses more often).
Recieptbank processes your accounts payable records and sends copies of source documents to Xero. No need to print out your phone bill each month, hole punch, file it and then store the folders for 6 or so years.
Sometimes we combine Hubdoc and Receiptbank for our clients – Hubdoc can fetch repeating bills, like phone and utilities and send them to Receiptbank for processing. Paper records can be photographed or scanned and uploaded, then shredded and turned into mulch or puppy beds.
Get in contact if you love a tree and would prefer it to remain in the wild. Cloud apps can help you love trees.