Monkey Day

Not the animal kind you find at the zoo, the magic kind from 80s TV!
Bookkeepers are just like the magic kind of TV monkey, cos we also know how to summon the cloud!
(Using a an internet connected device, not waving our fingers in front of our mouths!)
Why? Because working in the cloud you can collaborate – just like Pigsy, Sandy, Tripitaka & Monkey had to do.
You can still access your data while you are on a long journey (perhaps to fetch holy scriptures?)
Unlike Monkey, bookkeepers don’t usually battle monsters, but they do battle with paperwork and sometimes uncooperative clients.
So while you hum the theme tune to yourself – consider making the move to Xero in the cloud.
Get in contact if you’d like to tell us about your favourite episode, or if you need assistance to summon the cloud to run your accounts.