National App Day

Apps. How many do you regularly use in your business?

Xero’s small business insights says ‘In the 2017-18 financial year, firms on Xero using apps grew revenue by 5.5 percent. That compares with revenue growth of just 3.6 percent for firms on Xero with no connected apps.’

Why would you want to use connected apps? To minimise duplication of effort and typos. And save time!

Connecting the app you use to generate sales to Xero will mean you don’t have to enter customer details twice.
Adding a payment gateway will allow customers to pay online and have the sale marked as paid in Xero with the deposit ready to be reconciled to the bank feed tomorrow.
Need to keep a close eye on cashflow? Why not connect Float or Skippr – it will read the due date of payables and receivables and update automagically as new sales and purchases are added. Update the expected payment date in Xero to see the effect on cashflow.
Adding an accounts payable app like Receiptbank or Hubdoc will allow you to keep electronic records – no more printing all of the bills to pay as they arrive by email. Creating bill batch payments will stop you typing $750 instead of $570 when you pay a supplier. Snap a picture of a cash expense to prevent faded blank pieces of paper. No need to staple, hole punch or file records. E-expense claims from staff will save everyone a bunch of time.
And best of all – no more papercuts!!
Get in contact if you need a hand choosing from the 700+ possibilities in the Xero app marketplace.