National Tree Day

Are you planting trees or still cutting them down?

We’re largely paperless, and so are our clients, thanks to Xero and connected apps like Hubdoc, which will e-fetch your invoices and statements for you.
We no longer need to print and file supplier invoices, no one needs to do the PO Box run each morning. And because paying by cheque is a thing of the past – no afternoon postage run either. All source documents can be attached in Xero so they are visible to all the users who need them – regardless of location.
Expenses and bills can be verified, as source documents are all available for all business partners to review.
Shelf space is no longer an issue, we don’t have folder after folder of paid invoices (or top secret hidden folders with bank statements.)
A natural disaster won’t cause a record keeping disaster either – tax records are stored offsite.

Lets keep the trees for our hammocks, not use them to print out reams and reams of paper!